Hope Ek A.S.H.A. Mission & Vision


A - To build one World Class Alzheimer's Home (Day Care Centre) under the heading “Old Age Home for Alzheimer’s Elderly”- OAHAE

This home will target elderly in first and second stage of Alzheimer’s disease patients

This home will be serviced by Involving Healthy Senior Citizens living in the vicinity under the name A.S.H.A. - Affectionate Secured Home for Alzheimer's

The home will be one of the first of its kind in the capital of India at Delhi to cater senior citizens where various welfare programs for the benefit of the elderly will be provided as deemed necessary.

The elderly with impaired memory and physical disability at this ‘Old Age Home’ will be provided world class facilities with ultra-advanced and state-of-the-art treatment by the highly trained medical and para-medical professionals along with psychologists, social workers, nursing staff and occupational rehabilitators.

The aim of the proposed model of this home will be to slow down the process of brain degeneration and give them a life of dignity where respected elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s (Stage 1, 2) will be kept busy with well planned activities designed as per their capabilities by involving healthy old aged senior citizens with special arrangements for their care giving under volunteers, professional volunteers.

The other facilities proposed are Regular in House Medical Facilities as under


  • Regular OPD.
  • Regular healths check up.
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring.
  • Dental check up.
  • Podiatrist and hair care.
  • Annual immunization where required.
  • Maintenance of optimal nutritional status.
  • Management of incontinence problem.
  • Keep ambulatory as long as possible with protection from physical injuries.
  • Physiological and occupational therapy.

Routine Facilities:-

  • This refers to and assists with the co-ordination of health services as and when required.
  • Medication – Staff will be able to administer their regular medication at specified time by keeping in view prescription of attending Physician & Neurologist.
  • Neuropsychological rehabilitation & fun activities to stimulate the mental capabilities.
  • Group & individual exercises.
  • Social interactions with staff / residents during events.
  • Improve mobility, verbal ability and behavioural moods.


Recreations and Entertainments

In activities as per need of the senior citizen.


  • Help people seek diagnosis of this fatal disease.
  • Eradicate social stigma attached to the illness.
  • Involve healthy willing elderly in such activities.
  • Make elders more respectable and acceptable in the society.
  • Help them to lead a quality and dignified old age life.
  • Relief to working families who may not have anyone to look after dementia patient during the day.

Training to Family / Healthy Elderly / Professional Career

Online training to the family caregivers, healthy elderly who wants to be volunteers and other professionals who needs employment will be given.

Over a period of time we will train the caregivers on emergency procedures.

Employment Opportunities

This home will provide employment opportunities to:-

  • Professionals (Doctors, Administrators)
  • The needy - healthy elderly
  • Professional caregivers
  • Young aspirants.

And finally this will improve the quality of life of all the aged and simultaneously will give respite to the stressed caregivers especially for those who are the bread winners of the family.

We need your support for the fulfilment of this project.

B. Memory Enhancement Centre / Clinics

Presently we at HEA are running one Memory Clinic at Greater Kailash - II, New Delhi and want to open more such ‘Memory Enhancement Centre / Clinic’ at various locations of NCR.