Dr.Sushma Chawla

Doctor by profession Mrs. Sushma Chawla was born in 1951, and had herbasic degree in Medicine from Maulana Azad College, New Delhi in theyear 1972. She has been in family practice since 1978 have specialization in the field of Gynecology & Obstetrics and running her own clinic in Greater Kailash - II, New Delhi.

She is also the Chief Medical Officer for IFCI, TFCI, IVCF and BMB and also contributing to the fraternity by being a Lifetime Member of Delhi Medical Association, Indian Medical Association, Indian Menopause Society and Delhi Diabetic forum. She has carried theglory of Indian medicine in National and International conferences and presented papers on subjects of interest and research.

Dr. Sushma Chawla is the Founder President of Hope Ek A.S. H.A. with a MISSION of creating Awareness about the disease and Home Care & VISION of bringing up a DAY CARE CENTER for the Alzheimer diseasepatients in stage 1 & 2 thereby giving respite to the caregivers.

A memory clinic has also been functional at Greater Kailash - II clinic. Her mother was afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and while caring for her for more than five years with very little awareness about the disease, she realized that she was becoming very stressful day by day .After her mother passed away peacefully she decided to form a support group to offer a common platform for the caregivers to share their anxieties and Hope Ek A.S.H.A came into existence. She is a proud mother and a grandmother fully supported by her husband in this endevour.Dr. Sushma Chawla is a proud mother of a daughter, an MBA and a son dental surgeon working in USA.



TEL - 2922-1714, 2922-8341, Mobile - 98101-30635