Day Care Centre

There is an urgent need of a day care centre for the patients of “Alzheimer Disease” in Stage-I & II in order to help the patients and their caregivers to lead a quality life.

Benefits of the Centre

  • Respite to the Caregivers
  • Care of the patient by trained staff
  • Safety
  • Stimulation of brain cells
  • Structured activities conducted by the staff and volunteers spread throughout the day. These are tailored as per the need and capability of the patient
  • These activities will be physical as well as mental.

Facilities Proposed to be provided at the Centre

  • Pick-Up & Drop
  • Structured Activities
  • Prayer Sessions
  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • Physical exercises
  • Games & Coloring sessions for mental stimulation
  • Playing with the pets
  • Manage Wandering
  • Manage Emergencies
  • Counselling of the caregivers

It is the NEED of the Hour


  • Lawn /Space: 3000 sq.ft.Funds/ Donations to build or Furnish.
  • Volunteers

Come and join us for this MISSION