Day care is a comprehensive support service for people with Dementia and their families causing immense stress on the caregiver. "Alzheimer Home cum Day Care Centre" can provide much needed respite to the caregiver. It allows people with dementia to live a quality life. It also ensures physical, social and cognitive stimulation for people with Dementia in an enriching environment.

A "Day Care Centre" for the Alzheimer’s disease patients in stage I and II is the need of the hour. Patients can be picked up from their home and dropped back in the evening before the sun set. Even families can drop / pick up their patients.

Proper counselling sessions for the family and professional caregivers by the clinical psychologists will be a key factor at the centre.

This "Day Care Centre" will be a place for support and respite to the caregiver especially for those who are the bread winners of the family.

Structured activities to be conducted where patients will kept busy in the brain stimulating exercises and group entertainments to keep them active with the following facilities to be made available at the centre.

  • Health services (Yoga, Meditation, Health Check-up Consultation etc.)
  • Group & individual brain exercises.
  • Use of technology for Brain stimulation
  • Religious & Spiritual programs
  • Recreation and Entertainment (television, indoor, games, music room)
  • Psycho social counselling
  • Group discussion, social interactions and seminars etc.
  • Regular caregivers meets
  • Police help / legal Aid

It will be run mostly by our volunteers, panel doctors and other professionals in the medical / other allied fields by involving Healthy Willing Senior Citizens living in the vicinity along with young volunteers who have a nac of compassion under the name A.S.H.A. - "Affectionate Secured Home for Alzheimer's". This will improve quality of life of the senior citizens.

The aim of the proposed model of this home will be to slow down the process of brain degeneration and give them a life of dignity where respected elderly will be kept busy with well planned fun activities designed as per their capabilities with special arrangements for their care giving under volunteers, professional volunteers where highly trained medical and para-medical professionals along with psychologists, social workers, nursing staff and occupational rehabilitators will also be available from time to time.

This system will simultaneously give respite to the family caregiver from the burden of care giving.

The other facilities proposed are

“Regular in House Medical Facilities” as under

  • Regular OPD.
  • Regular health check up.
  • Blood Sugar Monitoring.
  • Dental check up.
  • Podiatrist and hair care.
  • Annual immunization where required.
  • Maintenance of optimal nutritional status.
  • Management of incontinence problem.
  • Keep ambulatory as long as possible with protection from physical injuries.
  • Physiological and occupational therapy.

This facility will also fulfil the basic needs like medical care, entertainment opportunity & strengthen intergenerational relationship between youth, healthy elders and Alzheimer disease patients of stage I and II in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment.


  • Help people seek early diagnosis of this fatal disease.
  • Eradicate social stigma attached to the illness.
  • Involve healthy willing elderly in such activities thereby giving them a purpose to improve physical and verbal ability and behavioural moods.
  • Make elders more respectable and acceptable in the society.
  • Help them to lead a quality and dignified old age.
  • Relief to working families who may not have anyone to look after dementia patient during the day.

Training to Family / Healthy Elderly / Professional Caregivers

Day Care Centre will be a place where hands on training to family caregivers and professional caregivers will be imparted.

Over a period of time we will train the caregivers on emergency procedures like CPR.

Employment Opportunities

This centre will provide employment opportunities to young aspirants, professionals, doctors, administrators and caregivers who want to adopt their career as professional caregivers in the field of “Elder Care” and “Alzheimer Care”.